Our Story and Our Wines

Our Story

Tabor  Home Vineyards and Winery is a family owned and operated winery  producing International award-winning estate wines in eastern Iowa -  yes, Iowa - near the town of Baldwin. The vineyards and winery are located on our family's 1860s farmstead. Dr. Paul Tabor, the winemaker and manager, is the fifth generation in his family to use this farm for his livelihood. With seven Tabor families living in the same area, our farm has always been referred to as the Home Place. The name Tabor Home  was chosen to highlight this historical perspective. Visit Us and Experience Wine Country in the Heartland!  

Our Wines



At Tabor Home Vineyards and Winery, our tasting room is always open for wine tastings. Escape out to the beautiful Iowa countryside and enjoy sampling our wines to know exactly what your preferences are. Whether you are a novice or experienced wine drinker, our knowledgeable staff will guide you in discovering Tabor wines. We have a range of wines to please any wine drinker, including reds, whites, sparkling, dessert, and port wines. All of our wines are available by the glass at the winery. Read the descriptions below to find the perfect one for you! 

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Red Wines


Saint Croix

Saint Croix is a winter-hardy, productive, and very deep-colored variety in our vineyards. Our Saint Croix is a luscious, dry red wine with wonderful complexity rarely found in cold-climate red wines. Saint Croix can become Iowa's premier red wine grape.


Tabor Home Marquette is a medium bodied wine with complex dark fruit aromas and flavor characters. Marquette is a very soft red wine that has many similarities with Malbec wines. Marquette is delicious and is a standout red wine with regional character.

JackSon Red

This dry red wine, produced entirely from our vineyards, is lighter-bodied than Barn Dance Red. JackSon captures the varietal fruit character of Foch grapes and is a wine that is ready to drink now. If you enjoy Pinot Noir, you will love JackSon Red. 

Food Pairing: Grilled salmon, prime rib with mushrooms, veal parmesan, olive paté, lamb

Barn Dance Red

This red wine is soft, has a hint of sweetness and is a very drinkable medium bodied red wine produced from our vineyards. If you enjoy soft, rounded Merlots, you will love Barn Dance Red. Barn Dance Red has been Tabor Home Winery’s bestselling wine by far for 22 years. Part of the popularity is that Barn Dance Red is an introductory red wine for white wine drinkers.

White Wines


Moonlight White

This dry white wine shows pronounced fruit aromas and flavor character and a fairly high acidity. This is a crisp, clean, very drinkable medium-bodied wine that captures the varietal flavors of the Seyval Blanc grapes. Although dry, the fruit character of Moonlight White suggests it has some residual sweetness. If you enjoy premium Pinot Gris, you will love Moonlight White. Moonlight is Tabor Home Winery’s top selling dry white wine of the four dry whites we have made. 

Food Pairing: Roast pork with herb rubs, cream of asparagus soup with bacon

First Bloom

This semi-dry white wine is distinguished by its big aroma and clean flavors. The sweetness level is very attractive to many non-dry wine drinkers. If you enjoy semi-dry Riesling wines, you will love First Bloom. 

Food Pairing: Mild white cheeses and fruit, picnics 

A Real Sweetie

As you take time to savor this sweet La Crosse wine, bright fruit flavors continue to develop while you taste this wine. A Real Sweetie is made from La Crosse grapes – a winter-hardy and very productive variety in our vineyards. If you like Moscato wines you will love A Real Sweetie. The label is original artwork by our niece, Andrea Peterson. 

Food Pairing: Banana cream pie. 


Becoming a favored grape variety in Iowa, Brianna has tropical fruit aromas, especially pineapple, when harvested at early ripeness. Tabor Home Brianna has well-balanced sweetness and acidity resulting in a clean finishing, sweeter wine and notable tropical fruit flavors.  

Semi-Sweet Wines


Catawba Rosé

This crisp, fruitful wine captures the aromas and flavors of the popular American Catawba grape. Catawba Rosé has the same sweetness level as White Zinfandels but has much more flavor. If you enjoy White Zinfandels, Catawba Rosé will win you over. 

Food Pairing: Picnics, spicy dishes such as chicken with curry.

Electric Raspberry

Electric Raspberry is a bold red raspberry wine made from whole berries. The aromas and flavors are intense and fresh. –no wimpy wine here. Electric Raspberry is a semi sweet wine and is well balanced by the tartness of the red raspberries. This is a 100% red raspberry wine which tastes like freshly picked berries. 

Food Pairing: Roasted turkey, pork, or ham, quiche, cheese blintzes, banana cream pie, and any chocolate dessert or truffle.

Sparkling Wines


Toast of Iowa

Toast of Iowa is a LaCrosse carbonated wine. Toast is a slightly sweet LaCrosse wine from our vineyards carbonated to create a delightfully bright wine with delicate fruit flavors. We crafted Toast of Iowa for celebrating! 

Song of the Vine

"Song of the Vine" with its bright unforgettable aroma and bursting flavor of American Catawba grapes is a semi-dry, carbonated rose wine. We believe the Upper Midwest can excel in producing refreshing, delightful wines like "Song of the Vine". So did Longfellow. 


This sparkling wine has wonderful aromas of fresh grapes and apple and grapefruit. Tabor Home Applause is bursting with bright and fruity flavors of the fresh grapes and apples. The Catawba grapes contribute to the tartness and clean finish to the wine. Sparkling cider drinkers love Applause because it is more flavorful and crisper than apple ciders. Moscato d’asti drinkers love Applause because it is such a delicious, uniquely refreshing sparkling wine. 

Dessert Wines


Cranberry Whistle

Cranberry Whistle is our best-selling dessert-style wine. Cranberry Whistle has a balance of cranberry tartness and sweetness and is lighter in body than most dessert wines. Cranberry Whistle pairs well with cheesecake and it has become a tradition at many family Thanksgiving dinners. 

Food Pairing: Cheesecake and Thanksgiving dinner. 

Cheery Cherry

Made from 100% cherries, the deep cherry red color is consistent with the full-bodied flavor of this wine. The richness and full cherry pie aroma make Cheery Cherry a perfect wine to savor with many desserts or after dinner as a dessert itself. 

Food Pairing: Rich chocolate desserts and cheesecake 

Heritage Red

The concentrated flavors and fruit acids are well balanced by Heritage Red’s sweetness. The color, luscious aroma and full flavor are the result of natural loss of water from the grapes. This is a very unique wine that is a great choice for after dinner. If you enjoy ice wines, you will love Heritage Red –and its price. 

Food Pairing: Spice and nut cakes, pumpkin or apple pie, gingerbread, dried fruit and cheese cake. Use Heritage Red to create a salad dressing with tarragon vinegar and fresh onions. 

Port Wines


Wild Blackberry

This is a full-bodied, intensely blackberry dessert wine. The berry aromas and color match the rich flavor of this wine. Wild Blackberry is a 100% blackberry wine, made from whole fruit and naturally fermented to 16% alcohol. Sitting down with a dark chocolate dessert and a glass of our Wild Blackberry wine will bring a smile to your face. We also can dip our Wild Blackberry wine bottles (first covered with cellophane) in dark chocolate for a very unique gift. There is nothing like eating dark chocolate and sipping Wild Blackberry wine.

Food Pairing: Black Forest cake, chocolate mousse, cheesecake, black walnut cake. 


Tabor Home Frontenac Port has been an incredibly successful winemaking pursuit that began in 2007. Very importantly, in our vineyards, when carefully managed and ripened fully, Frontenac grapes develop a complexity that includes aromas and flavors of berries and dried fruit and, unmistakably, notes of chocolate.

Our Frontenac Port is fortified to 19% alcohol using brandy spirits distilled from wine produced in our own vineyards. Frontenac Port develops structure, richness and softness from aging 4 years before bottling.

Frontenac Port pairs with all things dark chocolate but I suggest you have a glass by itself on a comfortable couch.